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5 Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Your Windows PC

When it comes to portable mobile devices, Windows laptops and tablets have been the major choices of consumers in the recent years. Many of these tablets only come with a touch screen and hence typing on these things can become a headache after a while. This is where the Bluetooth …

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Top 5 Best Gaming keyboards of 2016

When it comes to gaming, it is important that you have the best gear with you in order to have the edge over you opponents in a game like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Battlefield and more. It’s just not about these games but the other competitive games out there as …

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5 Best Stick PCs available in the Market

With the Intel Compute Stick being launched earlier this year, the market has been taken by the wave with the stick PC. It is portable and convenient to be carried on business tours as it packs all the facilities of a PC within a small and compact dongle which can …

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Best Backup Software for Windows10

Electronic products are subjected to the risk of crashing at any given period of time, which is why it is essential to create a complete backup of the system with the help of a trusted software to prevent the loss of data. Windows 10 is the latest Operating System by …

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Microsoft Office 2016 : Top 10 New Features

We already reported the Microsoft Office 2016 launch in detail, but we couldn’t cover the features that have been introduced with Office 2016 as it would take a separate post. Here is that separate post where we have listed the best features introduced by Microsoft in Office 2016. Let us remember …

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