Microsoft and Liebherr are partnering up to manufacture smart refrigerators

A few days ago we reported that LG announced a smart refrigerator running Windows 10. Now we have another news in which Microsoft will be partnering up with Liebherr to manufacture smart refrigerators that will be able to do so much more as compared to the LG Smart Fridge.

Liebherr is a home appliances company known for their great products. They will be introducing new smart refrigerators into the market and these will be known as the SmartDeviceBox.

Users of these smart refrigerators will be able to check the groceries and contents of their fridge from anywhere, anytime using just their smartphones. This feature will be powered by Microsoft’s very own Microsoft Cognitive Services Computer Vision API feature for the development of these SmartDeviceBox.

This API from Microsoft’s Cognitive Services will allow the smart fridge to tab the contents within different labels and categories. This API will connect with the app on your smartphone and it will help you keep track of the groceries in a better way. You can track things that need a refill or replacements and get them while commuting back to home.

Microsoft has been taken a lot of steps to develop and take their Artificial Intelligence projects to a much higher level and this is one more step that will allow us to achieve the Jetson’s (remember the good old cartoon?) level of sophistication in our homes.

Microsoft and Liebherr already have a prototype but it will have to go through a lot of testing and development in order to make it a final product for the end users.

The development of SmartDeviceBox seems to be going in to the right direction and we can see more examples of such features and products in the near future. With smartphones almost touching the saturation point, we humans are now feeling the urge to make our homes smart and it seems products and projects like SmartDeviceBox will make it possible.

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