How to Fix ‘Err_Connection_Closed’ in Chrome

Chrome is without a doubt the most used Internet browser across the globe. People use it across all platforms be it Windows, Android or even Mac. However, more than often we find ourselves facing some problems with Chrome, particularly with Internet connectivity. Chrome often displays these “Errors” on the screen and today, we’ll be talking about how to fix the ‘Err_Connection_Closed’ or Err Connection Closed error in Chrome. So let’s get to it.

You can solve the error using any one of the three methods mentioned below.

Using Command Prompt

  1. Open the command prompt window by doing a right-click on the desktop while holding down the Shift key and clicking on the “Open command window here” option.
  2. Type in the following command and hit enter afterward:

netsh winsock reset

Try using Chrome after this. If the error pertains, type in the following lines of command followed by a press of the enter button after each line:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns

After executing the above commands make sure to restart your system. These commands clear the DNS cache for the system and renew the connection with the ISP. If it does not fix the Err_Connection_Closed error then follow the next solution.

Clearing Browser Cache

Another viable option would be to clear your browser cache and cookies.

  • Click on the “Options” button in Chrome window followed by the “Settings” option.
    2016-08-08 (3)
  • Click on the “Advanced Settings” option. You will find it after scrolling to the bottom.
    2016-08-08 (4)
  • In Advanced Settings, click on “Clear browsing data” option. A pop-up window will appear before you.
  • From the pop-up window, select the ‘Cookies and Plugin Data’ and ‘Cached Images and Files’ checkboxes and click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’ to proceed.2016-08-08 (5)

After deleting the cache files the Err_Connection_Closed error should be resolved. In case you are still facing the error, follow the method given below.

Assigning DNS Address Manually

If both the above methods fail, there’s this method that you can fall back on that requires you to manually reassign DNS address. Here’s how it is done.

  • Right-click on the network icon from the notification tray on your computer. This could be the Wi-Fi icon or the LAN icon. Then click on the ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’.2016-08-08 (8)
  • Click on your connection ( Wi-Fi TP-LINK_DD3055 in this case).
  • A pop-up window will appear. Proceed to click on ‘Properties’.
    2016-08-08 (9)
  • Select the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4 ) option and again click on ‘Properties’.
    2016-08-08 (6)
  • In the pop-up window that appears further, select the radio box next to ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’. Then proceed to enter the values and in the ‘Preferred DNS Server’ and ‘Alternate DNS Server’ fields respectively. Don’t forget to select the ‘Validate Settings Upon Exit’ checkbox before clicking on OK.

2016-08-08 (10)

So this was our tutorial on how to fix the “Err_Connection_Closed” or Err Connection Closed error in Chrome. We hope the tutorial proved helpful to you. Have any queries? Get back to us in the comments section below and stay tuned for more useful articles.

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