Microsoft teams up with Mercedes to turn your Car into an Office

Microsoft has announced their partnership with Mercedes-Benz at the IFA 2016. This partnership is being done in order to bring your office to your Mercedes car. Microsoft is calling it the “In Car Office” and they plan to add a lot of new productive things to your car’s dashboard in order to make your commute productive.

The first feature that this partnership will add is the Microsoft Exchange right on your car’s dashboard. You will be able to check and update your work calendar right from the dashboard of your car.

Other features include the ability make conference calls from your card using the voice call system on your car. Other great and interesting feature will check your appointments and then you will automatically be navigated to the location of the appointment through the GPS.

These set of features will be included with other such important features and this whole suite will be called “In Car Office”. Microsoft has already teamed up with Harman and Volvo in the past to include some of their Office 365 features in respective brand’s cars.

Google as well as Apple, are both working on their own cars as per the rumors but Microsoft has decided to take a different route to provide Office solutions to businessmen who use cars quite a lot. The first fleet of cars manufactured in this partnership of Microsoft and Mercedes-Benz will release in the first half of 2017.

These features are being kept to the bare minimum to keep the driver of the car safe and you shouldn’t really expect this partnership to produce full-fledged mobile workstations.

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