Top 5 best text editors for Windows 10 – Ultimate List

Windows 10 comes with some really great features and new OS additions like a 3D builder that lets you design 3D models and many other things. It also comes with many default apps like a photo viewer, a doodling program i.e. Paint. A very basic word processing program like WordPad and many other things. Even a media player like Windows Media Player.

There are many other apps that have their copy in Modern UI on Windows 10 and you can choose to use when while you are using Windows 10 in tablet mode. But one thing that hasn’t changed in Windows since many generations in the Notepad.

As the name suggests, Notepad is a very basic note taking utility that comes with very basic word processing power. But many people use Notepad as a substitute to writing codes in some program. I have seen people write HTML and CSS and even PHP codes in Notepad. It’s a really great tool all in all.

But it hasn’t changed much for a long time. It comes with very basic functionality as well. In this post, I am going to share some of the best text editors that you can use on Windows 10.


Notepad++ is one of the most used notepad replacement software for Windows. It works as a basic notepad but also comes with many other features such as extensive search system, code syntax highlighting and it also helps you write code in a better way. You can write codes in Notepad++ and as you go you will notice that it helps you with code by automatically numbering the lines and color coding different lines of codes as well.

Notepad++ will also allow you to add plugins into the main program to extend the functionality. Notepad++ truly rules the pack with its features, functionality and ease of use.


TextPad is an application that brought tabbed interface to the notepad applications. It has some excellent search capabilities and you can use macros to do some pre-defined tasks. It comes integrated with a spell checker, so you don’t need to worry about spelling mistakes. But you have to pay $27 as a one time fee for using this software after the free trial is over.

Sublime Text

Sublime is actually a new player in market and it comes with some great looks and good features. Features like batch editing, tabbed editing etc. are what make it unique. It is the editor you should go for if you are looking for the best editor to write your code on. It indeed is an editor that comes with many features targetted towards coders and programmers. Features like cross-file editing, sorting CSS etc makes it a very useful editor.


UltraEdit is also a great notepad application that you can use. It comes with features like tabbed edition, script browser, XML files manager and you can also manage your functions while you are using it as a code editor. But the one thing the users complain about is the user interface of the software.

But if you want one of the most powerful note taking software for Windows 10 and you are ready to shell out $59.99 for the same, this is the perfect choice for you.

E Text Editor

If you have ever used the Textmate app for Mac OS X and you would like to have something similar for your Windows 10 PC then this one is the best choice for you. People call it the Textmate clone for Windows and it is one of the best notepad software for Windows.

This notepad software lets you use the Textmate snippets, bundles, version control and it also supports syntax highlighting if you want to use it for coding. You can use E Text Editor for editing Unix scripting environment inside Windows without installing any Unix emulator. It is a paid software that comes at a price tag of $46.95 but there is a free trial option in case you want to try it first.

So, these are the top text editors available for Windows 10 PC. Do you still use default notepad as your text editor?  Let us know which is your favorite text editor that you like to use by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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