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Das Keyboard showcases the cloud-connected keyboard 5Q at CES

The Texas-based company Das Keyboard has put out what looks like the world’s first cloud-connected keyboard. The mechanical keyboard comes with its own API to convert the LEDs on the keyboard into a full-fledged notification center. Das Keyboard 5Q Having enough LEDs to outclass a fireworks show isn’t something new …

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Dell is releasing a 32-inch 8K monitor for $4,999

If you thought a 4K monitor running at a 144 Hz refresh rate, or an ultrawide curved monitor was the pinnacle of display technology at CES – you have missed the point of CES. Dell has announced something that will bring a wondrous joy to every photo and video editing …

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Kingston and Sandisk reveal high capacity flash drives at CES

With consumer grade hard drives and solid state drives increasing in capacity so much; it’s about time we get some high capacity flash drives to go with our storage devices. Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT First, let us take a look at the Kingston camp’s DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte flash drive. …

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