Microsoft’s special edition Iron Man Xbox One looks stunning

To Celebrate the Release of Captain America: Civil War movie Xbox France has released a new video which reveals the Special Edition Iron Man Xbox One. The Company claims that the console has been customized by Tony Stark aka Iron Man himself.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 1.45.36 AM

The Iron Max Xbox one is a white colored Console with an illuminated centerpiece that resembles Arc Reacter. You can also notice the Stark Industries branding just above the Arc Reacter.

Even the controllers that will be bundled with the console has been customised with a power button designed to look like a miniature Arc Reactor. If you are already searching for the availability date or the price, here comes the bad news, the company won’t be selling this special edition console for now.

Watch the video below to see this stunning product:

You can only win this beautiful console by participating in the giveaway organized by Microsoft France. You can part in the giveaway on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to get a chance to win one of the three Special Edition Consoles.

Microsoft has not revealed any plans whether this console will be available for purchase in future or not. So if you want one we suggest you to try your luck in the giveaway. As of now only Xbox France is giving away these consoles so you need to read the rules carefully before participating.

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