Windows 10 Release Date and How you can Upgrade

Loads of speculation and a huge wait later, finally it is happening. Yes!! Windows 10 is finally going to be launched on the 29th of July of this year. Since the end of the Microsoft’s Build conference in the month of April which provided us with a better idea of what the new Windows is going to look like, the excitement level has reached new bound and we now just cannot curb down the anticipation anymore. Just about a month later the last version of Windows and probably the best one till date (as heard from the inside staff) is going to be available across 190 markets globally.

One of the best facts about the new software is that it is going to be available to the owners of Windows 7 and Windows 8, free of cost if they upgrade to Windows 10 in the first year of its launch. The users of an earlier version of Windows prior to Windows 7 will be able to purchase it as and on from the 29th of July this year.

The Release Date

All of us knew that the Windows 10 was going to be released in July, but the exact date wasn’t given to us until a few days back. Just a few days back an official announcement on the Microsoft’s blog stated that the software is going to be available in 190 countries globally. It also stated that Home and Professional version of the software is going to be priced at $ 119 and $199 respectively, but the version 7 and 8.1 Windows owners will receive a free upgrade to Windows 10. The offer will be valid for 1 year during which if you choose to upgrade your Windows you will get a lifetime license of the Windows 10.

Another huge advantage of the product is that it is the last version of the Windows software and you won’t have to buy another newer version of the product, you just have to upgrade it from time to time in order to use it smoothly. Microsoft has also promised to provide its customers with regular small updates and has said that the company will not keep the users waiting for several months or years for any big developments. Microsoft is planning to make Windows 10 “one of the largest internet services on the planet” by continually developing it for years to come.

How to Upgrade

1. All those people using the Windows version older than 7 will have to purchase the software. However, if you own Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 then you will observe a little Windows sign on the lower right hand corner of your screen.


Clicking on it will provide you with a window which has the option of reserving the software for future installation.

The company has been heard to state that the Windows 10 software is completely ready for use by the public and the development team is currently working on fixing the few bugs that could cause some discomfort. The power packed software is going to be the combined result of the strengths of both Windows 7 and 8.1 devoid of their weakness along with additional features which are specifically built for the ease of the users and the enhancement of speed.

In conclusion, it may be safely said that the newest version of the Windows is probably going to take personalization to a whole new level. It is going to have a super user friendly interface which can be accessed through any device you want and in any form you want, be it touch or type. It is also going to provide the users with flexibility in functionality and the store will be available for users. The fact that Windows 10 is going to ease the portation of Android and iOS to the platform will also boost the number of apps.

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