Heavy Weapon and Evolve join the Xbox Games with Gold program

It is time again to have a look at Microsoft’s newest refresh of their Games with Gold program. The two new games joining the program are Turtle Rock Studio’s Evolve and Popcap Games’ Heavy Weapon.

The two new games are taking the free slots in Microsoft’s Games with Gold program left over by Project CARS and Borderlands 2, which have now returned back to their original prices on their respective store pages.

Heavy Weapon

PopCap Games’ arcade shoot-em-up game is one of the two new games in Microsoft’s program this time around. The game gives its players control of an atomic tank to defend against a grueling Soviet invasion.

There are two game modes that players can choose to play on, Mission and Survival modes. Survival mode, with its fitting name, sends a never-ending stream of enemies with only one life to spare.

The mission game mode, however, has 19 difficult levels to progress through, with only three lives to complete each mission. Furthermore, at the end of each level, players will face off against powerful bosses with unique weapons and armor.

The game is also playable in co-op, letting up to 4 players join and defend against the Soviets. Heavy Weapon is now freely available for all Xbox Live Gold members on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


A game with a rocky past, to say the least, the 4 vs. 1 multiplayer game Evolve is also now free for all Xbox Live Gold members on the Xbox One console alongside Heavy Weapon.

The game revolves around its unique gameplay of four hunters who must defeat the lone monster of the map. Notably, the masterminds behind the original Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios is also behind Evolve. Thus, it’s no wonder that both games share similar gameplay mechanics, especially comparing Left 4 Dead’s Versus mode and Evolve.

All in all, the game pits four players against a fifth player that’s in control of a powerful monster creature. The goal of the monster is to feed on local wildlife to evolve its powers further while the four hunter players can use an array of gadgets and weapons to hunt the monster before it becomes too powerful to defeat.

Both Heavy Weapon and Evolve are now available to Xbox Live Gold owners, completely free through the Microsoft store.

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