DOTA 2’s Update 7.03 brings the Juggernaut Arcana and other changes

Ever since Juggernaut managed to topple IO in the highly contentious International 2016 Arcana vote, DOTA 2 fans have waited with baited breath to see what Valve has cooked up for the hero.

And now, after many months of waiting, the Juggernaut Arcana is finally here with the 7.03 DOTA 2 update. The patch is a substantial one as well, adding plenty of new gameplay and balance changes.

Bladeform Legacy Arcana

First up is the Juggernaut Arcana in the form of The Bladeform Legacy. Someone has gone and split our katana-wielding hero’s mask and unleashed the spirits inside it to infuse with poor Juggernaut; looks cool, though.

The Bladeform Legacy arcana features a new spooky blue color scheme for Juggernaut, new effects for his powers, new voice lines as well as new and flashier animations for all his moves that his opponents will surely admire while falling to his blade.

The Arcana is now available for purchase through the DOTA 2 store for $35. Also, players that buy the Bladeform Legacy before March 31st, 2017 will receive it in the rare Exalt quality.

Other features

Going along with the Hero tune-up phase, Valve has also given Jakiro a facelift, or more appropriately, a double facelift. The ice and fire-breathing two-headed dragon now have a brand new and shiny hero model in DOTA 2.

Furthermore, Captains Mode players are in for a treat as Valve has updated its UI to their new standards. The new Captains Mode UI is now on par with other UI updates that came with the 7.00 update previously.

Speaking of Captains mode, Monkey King is now available on it for tormenting players with his monkeying annoyance.

There are a huge number of item, balance and hero changes in today’s DOTA 2 update, including the poor Dark Seer getting another nerf to his Vacuum cooldown along with giving players the ability to give Moon Shards to their teammates.

The full list of changes is available on Valve’s official DOTA 2 blog – here. We recommend at least skimming the page due to the amount of Valve has included in the update.

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