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uBlock Origin comes to Microsoft Edge

The lack of extensions on Microsoft Edge have been a sore point ever since its release with the original Windows 10 – but the issue has a bit more nuance than that; it’s not just about the lack of extensions – it’s also about the lack of adblockers. It’s the …

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1Password to soon release an extension for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft added extension support to Edge with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update; it is a feature, that seems impossible to ignore while building your brand new browser – unless you are Microsoft. Frankly, the extension support should have been in Edge from the get-go – but better late than never. …

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Microsoft Edge was hacked twice at PwnFest 2016

Microsoft has been promoting its Edge browser as a better, more secure, and modern alternative to Internet Explorer – its infamous web browser. The promotions have gone as far as paying users to use the browser and being extremely and publicly critical of Google’s Chrome. However, Microsoft has always maintained …

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