How to Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Error – Google Chrome

Google Chrome has the largest market share in internet browser usage and it’s because it is one of the best browsers out there with amazing extensions and apps support. The browser has been getting constant updates from Google which has made the browser much more amazing. With every update, the browser seems to be using less and fewer resources which can boost your system’s performance and help you provide a great internet browsing experience.

Sometimes you might run into issues like the browser being glitchy and produce errors like “Your Connection is Not Private”. This can be solved easily and you can find four solutions below that will definitely help you with this.

Solution #1: Change Time & Date

The easiest way to fix this is to check if your system’s time and date are synchronized or not. The time or date being wrong can produce a lot of errors with SSL certificates but thankfully, this can be solved really easily. Just follow the steps listed below and you will be able to fix your system’s time and date automatically. Once the time and date are fixed, the error will not occur anymore.

Go ahead and right-click on the Date and Time icon on your Windows Taskbar. You will see an option that says Adjust date/time. Clicking that will synchronize the time and date with Microsoft servers online. After that, just restart your browser and the error will be gone.

You can also go to Settings > Time & Language and change the date and time manually. You can choose your correct timezone if it is incorrect in the settings. This will prevent the error from occurring next time onwards.

This is a small fix that will help you get rid of this Connection Is Not Private Error in Google Chrome. If you are still facing the issue, just move on to the next solution and that might help you.

Solution #2: Clear Cookies and Cache

Sometimes, the corrupted database of cookies and cache can also cause these problems and when this happens, you need to clear cookies and cache to make sure Chrome will function without any errors. To fix this by clearing cookies and cache, just go ahead and simultaneously press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard to bring up the “Clear Browsing Data” option from the setting.

Alternatively, you can go to Chrome Settings and search for “Clear browsing data” and open those options. They will look like the screengrab below.

Choose what you the options that say Cookies and Cache and maybe it is a good time to clear your browsing history as well. If you know what I mean. 😉

After you have checked the above-mentioned things, make sure that you have chosen All-time in the time range. After that, just click on Clear Data.

Solution #3: Terminating Chrome Tasks

You can try killing your Chrome tasks and restart the browser to fix this error. Follow the steps below and you will be able to terminate the current sessions of Chrome. To prevent the error, apply following steps and kill all the instances of the Chrome browser.

For this, you need to open the Command Prompt on your Windows machine and then type the following command:

TASKKILL /IM chrome.exe /F

After entering the command and pressing ENTER, the tasks that are active/inactive in Chrome will be terminated. You can restart your browser and try visiting the website again and this time it should work without any problems.

Solution #4: Adding “-ignore-certificate-errors” in Chrome Shortcut

If none of the solutions mentioned above work for you, then you can instruct Chrome to ignore the error by creating a shortcut which will ignore the certificate error.

You just need to right-click on the Windows desktop shortcut for Google Chrome. Go to Properties and look for the section that says Target. In this section, you will need to add the “-ignore-certificate-errors” at the end. After you have added this, just click on Apply and then OK.

Use this shortcut to start Google Chrome once more and you will notice that the error will be gone and you will be able to use Google Chrome normally.

So, these were four solutions to the Your Connection is Not Private error on Google Chrome. Let us know in the comments below if you face any issues.

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