Best Web Browsers for Windows 10

The Internet is one of the most widely used technology all over the world these days. It is used by every age group to book tickets, checking locations, gaining knowledge and everything you could think. To use the internet, we use web browsers, and the one we choose has to be fast, secure and bundled with extra features to make the experience smooth for us.

Windows 10 has gone from being a maddening Technical Preview to a shipping product. Numerous features have been added, and bugs quashed. Obviously, Windows 10 is any day a better version of Windows 8.

The Rise and Shine of Windows 10

Since 29th July, Window has become one of the largest software delivery projects in the history of technology. Microsoft started free upgrades for every PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. Some of the options in Windows 10 will allow peer-to-peer transfer of apps and OS updates, on the same network and equally budding over the Internet. It is although kept in mind that this feature won’t affect the initial Windows 10 upgrade, but it should help with the large OS updates due to arrive on Windows 10 PCs at regular intervals after the initial upgrade is complete.

Most of the users will also get a new default web browser, but we decided to come up with the article featuring all the best Windows 10 web browsers that you would like to compare first before making it as a default one. 

Best Windows 10 Browsers

1. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new Microsoft’s trump card as it rules over Windows! Initially known as ‘Project Spartan’, this innovative web browser comes with Windows 10, as the default web browser, thereby replacing Internet Explorer. Competing with Chrome, Edge offers integration with several services that are offered by Microsoft such as OneDrive and Cortana.

Also, Edge processes JavaScript faster compared to Chrome and Firefox and as a result, it displays pages much more quickly when compared to other browsers. Apart from all these sophistications, Microsoft Edge has some superb features too.


2. Google Chrome

The free and the most trusted web browser from Google – Google Chrome for Windows is the appropriate choice when one needs a multipurpose tool for their new kind of web experience. Google Chrome, being one of the babies of Google, gives better results when one uses Gmail or YouTube. Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular and used web browser, offering lots of impressive features like security, usability, privacy and after-sign-in features. Also, one of the good points is that there are a lot of plugins available for Google Chrome.


3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, usually known as Firefox to all — is a free-to-use web browser by Mozilla Foundation and it is an open-source initiative, available for other platforms as well along with Windows. Firefox is popular in terms of security and privacy, and there are several perks of being an open-source solution. When compared to other browsers, Firefox is more user-friendly as it has some developer-oriented tools like Error Console and Firebug. Just like Chrome, Firefox too has a lot of plugins available for adding various functionalities like Macro, Web screenshot, etc. 


4. Opera

Opera is a minimalist free web browser with basic features developed by Opera Software for a normal internet user. However, Opera still offers advanced features and it is easy to setup and use. In an Opera account, one can maintain bookmarks and other data synced between various devices. In all, Opera is a simple web browser for Windows PC. The mobile version of Opera is known as Opera Mini.


5. Internet Explorer 11

With a few nips and tucks over previous versions, Internet Explorer is in fine fettle now with a clean design, robust performance, and ever improving security features. Privacy is something where IE11 has some useful built-in features to help one remain anonymous online. The entire work process is quick and means one can switch between browsers with little interruption to the workflow.


6. Maxthon

Maxthon Web Browser also known as Maxthon Cloud Browser is a freeware web browser developed by Maxthon Ltd for both Windows and OS X. Users can use the browser on all major moile platforms like Windows Phone, iOS and Android platform as Maxthon Mobile. It comes as a freeware application. Maxthon is a browser that has an innovative dual-core design comprising of Trident and WebKit (used in Chrome and Safari) browser engines with its own interface. It also runs on Windows XP.


Microsoft Edge will certainly take some time to adjust to the customers needs and to make a permanent position in the market. However, Edge is currently offering best-in-class performance, clean look and the perfectly designed Cortana integration. So, we are using Microsoft Edge as our default browser. Do let us know about your default browser by leaving a comment below. 

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