What is Tor Browser and Should you use it?

Alright, so it looks like you are someone who loves exploring the Internet. Well, that’s great, there is actually a lot to explore on the Internet. But have you ever heard someone saying “You can only access a certain percentage of the Internet with your ordinary browser, well, in reality, there is almost 93% of the Internet which is Deep web and can only be accessed with special browsers”?

Well, frankly speaking, while that might be true, it is quite overhyped these days. Almost everyone wants to get an experience of Deep web. Well, learning about new things ain’t a bad thing unless you are using that for illegal things. Anyways, after a little research, you got to hear of the TOR Browser and it ended up creating a lot of thoughts in your mind. 

But have you ever wondered, What this Tor Browser is and why it is so much popular these days? Well, if you haven’t already then it’s a high time you do. Today, in this post of WindowsAble, we would be sharing What is Tor Browser and will also share some of our thoughts on Whether you should use this browser or not. Now if that sounds interesting, let us top into it. Should we? 

What is Tor Browser?

In simple words, we can say that the “Tor is an open-source browser which is used by various people and agencies from all around the world to protect their real identity”. Now, the full form of Tor is actually The Onion Router. We guess now you are getting a clear idea about why the Tor logo has onion in it and why most of the domains which are accessed by this browser have a TLD .onion.

Now, let us actually tell you what’s good with the Onion. And why everything that revolves around the tor browser is related to it. As we know, the onion has different layers. This is what the Tor browser tries to indicate as the layers of anonymity. This means that the browser has a stack of anonymity which protects the user’s identity while browsing the Internet. 

For those of you who don’t already know, the Tor browser was actually created by the US government’s Office of Naval Research (ONR) along with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Washington, DC. In fact, most of the funding for the Tor browser came from the US Government.

Now, they did fund this in order to improve the anonymity and online protection of the users and officials. Let us now take a look at How does Tor Browser works in order to see How it really provides so much anonymity. Should we?

How does Tor Browser work? 

Alright, so now you are curious to know how does the Tor browser work. Well, it is actually pretty simple yet complex. Yes, it does make sense since it is a simple process. Also, it can go as complex as you go deep into it. Anyways, we will try our best to keep this as simple as we can.

So, imagine a situation where you wrote a Postcard and it had only the Reciever’s Address, but not yours. And No! You didn’t write any of your names and it wasn’t even your handwriting. Basically, it had no traces that it is from you. Now, you get that postcard to the nearby Post office. They then transported it through different channels and portals to finally deliver it to the receiver. Now, the Tor browser also works in a quite similar pattern. 

Your request goes through different Nodes/ Routers/ Relays in order to make sure that there are no traces of you being sent to the website you are trying to access using the Tor browser. Now, we think that this explanation should have helped you out in understanding How does Tor works. If not, then we will suggest you take a closer look at the image above.

This has described the working of Tor browser well. Well, in reality, there might be actually a lot which is happening behind the back but as we said, it will get more complex as you dig more into it. Anyways, let us now take a look at the Should you use Tor Browser section. 

Should you use the Tor Browser?

Now, you got what is Tor Browser, and how it works. You now want to know whether you should use this browser or not. Well, you might have heard someone saying stuff like “Tor browser is illegal” or “You will get to jail if you download and use the Tor browser”.

Well, we would say that these are just made up thoughts. The Tor browser is completely legal but visiting dark web sites engaging in activities that are illegal in your country will be illegal. So to answer your question, we can say that using the Tor browser is safe. Of course, as long as you don’t indulge in illegal activities. Using Tor browser for your online privacy and anonymity is alright until you are doing it for good. 

So, go ahead and feel free to use the Tor browser to protect your identity from various websites. But just make sure that you don’t try to access or do something which is illegal. Doing this might create some legal complications for you. 

So that’s it guys, this was our post on What is Tor Browser and should you use it? We hope that this post helped you in understanding what is Tor browser. Let us know what do you guys think about it in the comments section down below. 

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