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Five Major Features of Windows 10 Mobile

Unification, integration and modernization – this seems to be the theme of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 10. And why not; after all, this is going to be the final release of Windows. Among all these factors unification has played perhaps the biggest role in the development of Windows 10. …

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How to Create A Windows 10 Bootable USB Drive

As Microsoft prepares its much anticipated Windows 10 operating system, the excitement about this upcoming OS is increasing. Microsoft wants to make this version as advanced and useful as possible because this will be the last version of Windows. This goal has already been evident in all the events at …

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How to Reset Windows 10 Password

Okay, so you were enjoying your Windows 10 Technical Preview installation but all of a sudden your joy has come to the halt. You’ve forgotten the password of your Windows 10 installation and are now looking for ways to crack into your own system. Fret not, pal. You’re lucky because …

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How to Get Windows 7/8 Icons In Windows 10

How to Get Windows 7/8 Icons In Windows 10: The Windows icons for folders, Computer, Control Panel etc hasn’t changed since Windows Vista was introduced. But as the technical preview of the Windows 10 was released to public, we noticed that Microsoft has now changed the icons to a much more …

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