HomeHub for Windows 10 will let your family use the PC without logging in

HomeHub is an odd name – there have been rumors about a Microsoft hardware product with the same name, which is meant to compete with the Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.

It appears, however, that HomeHub is a name reserved for something else – a feature, akin to the ‘Kids Corner’ feature present in Windows Phone.

Family Desktop

While it appears that the HomeHub includes a few more things beyond the Family Desktop – the Family Desktop is all we know of, for now.

The Family Desktop is a desktop – except, it doesn’t require a login, and can be used to perform the simpler, and commoner tasks such as listening to music or checking out the calendar, or perhaps making up a list.

There isn’t much to it – it’s unclear whether it would be possible to launch the standard Win32 x86 applications or not; a limitation that forces users to stick with UWP apps would be painful – but would make sense, in the grander scheme of things.

The HomeHub

The discovery of HomeHub comes via WalkingCat on Twitter – and while his finding is great news for those who have requested a feature such as this, it is also a disappointment.

It is an obvious assumption to make that Microsoft is working on something for the Home – every single major tech company is jumping on the smart home bandwagon, and missing out on the train at this early point could be catastrophic for Microsoft.

Microsoft has already missed out on the mobile front, homes becoming smarter and more efficient with their resources such as power and water is the future – Microsoft can do a lot of this space, and HomeHub would have been a great name for a product such as this.

Then again, Family Desktop is only a part of HomeHub – maybe HomeHub is something bigger, and we just haven’t found out about it yet.

It’s unclear when we will see Family Desktop in action, or what purpose HomeHub serves as a whole – but it’s exciting to see some progress in this space from Microsoft.

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