Microsoft releases the Windows Defender Hub on Windows Store

The upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update is going to feature a whole range of improvements – one of them, although, does not relate to being creative, but is an overhaul and redesign of Windows Defender with a new app built with UWP.

Today, Microsoft released a new app on the Windows Store – the Windows Defender Hub – a simple app, that showcases articles from Microsoft’s Malware Protection Centre and shows the status of your Windows Defender.

Microsoft Windows Defender Hub

The app’s description also mentions that you can use the Hub to stay up-to-date with security trends and malware updates even if you are using a 3rd party antivirus program.

The Oddity

While the description of this application should start and end with those two sentences – there’s more.

In the about section of this app, the app refers to itself as Windows Defender – not Windows Defender Hub – which could be a slip-up, as the new Windows Defender overhaul is built in UWP as well.

Here’s more, though: on the store page the app claims to be available only for PC’s – except, devices running Windows 10 Mobile are also able to install and open the app.

Microsoft Windows Defender Hub on Windows 10 Mobile

Maybe we are just reading too much into this simple application, and there isn’t much to look at – it’s just a resource to inform users of the latest security trends; or maybe, this is an initial version of the upcoming Windows Defender revamp – and we just got a sneak peek at it.


Time will tell what this app means in the grand scheme of things; for now, the app is available via the Windows Store for both PC and Mobile running Windows 10.

There is, however, not much to the app as of right now, considering all it does is show some of the latest posts from the Malware Protection Centre.

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