Different Ways To View iPhone Live Photos On Windows 10 PC

Along with the 3D display, Apple introduced the Live Photos feature on last year’s flagship. Initially, the feature was available on iPhone 6s and its elder sibling iPhone 6s Plus. But it is now also available on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. There’s very less probability that you have no clue what live photos are but just for the sake of it ill explain it to you.

Using the Live photos feature in the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, you can actually record a small video sort: 3 second long to be precise. This live photo can then be viewed by pressing hard on the 3D touchscreen in the iPhone.

While viewing live photos on the 3D screen equipped iPhones is a piece of cake, many people are clueless if they can view these photos on their Windows 10 operated computers. The answer is Yes and today, we’ll talk about ho to do it.

Different Ways To View iPhone Live Photos On Windows 10 PC

There are three ways to view live photos on your Windows 10 operated computers:

  • View as video
  • Convert to GIF on iPhone
  • Convert to GIF on PC

We’ll discuss each of these methods.

View as video

The Live Photos generated on an iPhone is saved as two files: a JPEG file and an MOV file. It’s the MOV file that you want to view and you can play it as a regular video. Just connect your iPhone to your computer.

You can use iTunes on Windows 10 to manage the files. If you don’t want to use iTunes simply open the iPhone folder after connecting it to the system. Then select DCIM folder present in the Internal storage folder. Now you can simply double click on the MOV files to view them as videos. video

This is the easiest and simple way to view iPhone Live Photos On Windows 10 PC but in case you don’t want to view these live photos as videos then don’t worry just follow the methods given below.

Convert to GIF on iPhone

Another way of viewing these live photos is to convert them into GIFs on your iPhone and then transfer them to your computer. However, this method is least likely to be used as most of  the GIF creators available for iPhone are paid. In case a trail version is available you can try the App but remember only a limited number of photos can be converted in the trial version.

Even then, the GIFs created suffered great loss in quality. So if you don’t mind losing the image quality then this can be a good option else don’t waste your money on these apps.                                                                                       gif-on-iphone

Once you have successfully converted the live photos to GIF using your iPhone, you can easily transfer them to your Windows 10 PC. You can even share these GIF images on various social networks like Facebook.

Convert to GIF on PC

You can also convert the live photos to GIFs on your computer. Many free apps are available for Windows 10 that are not only free but also allow a great deal of control. For example, you can choose the GIF size and the frame rate to get the perfect GIF.     gif-on-pc

So this was our tutorial on how to view iPhone live photos on Windows 10 PC. If you know more ways to view live photos on Windows 10, feel free to share the methods with the world by leaving your reply in the comment section.

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