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Five Major Features of Windows 10 Mobile

Unification, integration and modernization – this seems to be the theme of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 10. And why not; after all, this is going to be the final release of Windows. Among all these factors unification has played perhaps the biggest role in the development of Windows 10. …

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How to Get Windows 7/8 Icons In Windows 10

How to Get Windows 7/8 Icons In Windows 10: The Windows icons for folders, Computer, Control Panel etc hasn’t changed since Windows Vista was introduced. But as the technical preview of the Windows 10 was released to public, we noticed that Microsoft has now changed the icons to a much more …

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Lumia 535 vs Lumia 530 Comparison

Microsoft recently launched Lumia 535, the successor of Lumia 530. This is the first device in which Microsoft will play both the role of hardware maker and software maker.  With the launch of Lumia 535, the obvious question which rises is, whether Lumia 535 is better than the Lumia 530 …

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Windows 10 : Top 5 New Features

Windows 7 was the best Windows OS Microsoft ever built. It attracted and impressed a lot of people. Be it end users or even the technology professions, they all just loved the versatility of Windows 7. Then came the Windows 8 where Microsoft risked something by tried to combine the …

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