Five Major Features of Windows 10 Mobile

Unification, integration and modernization – this seems to be the theme of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 10. And why not; after all, this is going to be the final release of Windows. Among all these factors unification has played perhaps the biggest role in the development of Windows 10. From name to features, everything is inspired by this philosophy. As a result, when Microsoft announced its mobile OS with a name that was same as the name of the desktop OS, everyone got surprised! Leave the name aside, and Windows 10 mobile seems to be putting full-fledged computers in our hands, thanks to a unified design that makes it looks similar to its desktop counterpart.

Just like the desktop version, Windows 10 also brings several great features to smartphones, which make your Windows  Phone experience better than ever. We take a look at some of those major features here:

1. Centralized Action Center and Settings Menu

When you dismiss a notification on your computer, it’ll automatically disappear from your phone too. Settings menu has also gone through complete overhaul as Microsoft has tried to provide an environment of universal preferences,  in which in which your settings on one device become settings for other devices as well. Unification showing up everywhere!

settings menu

2. Set a wallpaper for your start screen

Now you can set any image as wallpaper for your Start screen, which will show up behind live tiles in the background instead of showing inside the tiles.

3. Smarter apps

The messaging app on Windows 10 mobile is much smarter than its earlier versions. Like iMessage, Microsoft has added Skype support alongside SMS to this application. Camera app has also been updated and made similar to ‘Lumia Camera’ app, which was previously exclusive to Lumia smartphones. Plus, the new Photos app now collects your photos not only from local sources, but also from OneDrive and other locations in one place. Plus, it will also allow you to edit your photographs!

messaging app

4. New versions of Microsoft Apps

Outlook, Office and OneDrive all are getting massive updates to Windows 10. Based on iOS and Android versions of Office Mobile, Microsoft is introducing a ribbon toolbar in the Windows version of the app as well. The default browser Internet Explorer is being replaced from company’s new Edge browser and Outlook has been programmed to utilize the same rendering engine that Microsoft Word uses on desktops.

office for mobile

5. Advanced Input Features

Windows 10 has got a floating keyboard that can be placed anywhere on the whole screen, which is a very handy thing for phablets. Voice dictation has also been improved to a level at which Cortana can identify your contacts as you speak their names. It can also create a proper hashtag for you as you speak anything followed by the word “hashtag.”

Windows 10 keyboard

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