Lumia 535 vs Lumia 530 Comparison

Microsoft recently launched Lumia 535, the successor of Lumia 530. This is the first device in which Microsoft will play both the role of hardware maker and software maker.  With the launch of Lumia 535, the obvious question which rises is, whether Lumia 535 is better than the Lumia 530 or not. In this post, we will compare Lumia 535 with Lumia 530 and will try to find out, which one is better.


The very first and basic difference between both the devices is that Lumia 530 was made under the banner of Nokia, where Nokia made the hardware part and Microsoft made the software part. However, in Lumia 535, every single thing is made by the Microsoft. Lumia 535 bears the logo and name of Microsoft in place of Nokia.

Another visible difference is in the size of the device. The Microsoft Lumia 535 is bigger and thinner then the Nokia Lumia 530. Lumia 535 weighs 146gm and is 8.8mm thick while Lumia 530 weighs 129 gm and is 11.7mm thick.

Display has changed a lot too. The Lumia 530 offered 4 inch LCD Screen while the Lumia 535 offers a 5 inch qHD IPS LCD screen. The new Microsoft Lumia 535 offers features like Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Scratch Resistance Glass, Sunlight Readability and High Brightness mode. Only Accelerometer sensor was present in the Lumia 530, but Lumia 535 features Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor too.


While Front Camera was missing in the 530, Lumia 535 features a 5MP camera for both front and rear camera, along with LED Flash.  CPU is same for both the devices which is Snapdragon 200 Quad Core. Microsoft Lumia 535 offers a better RAM, battery and storage options than the Nokia Lumia 530. While 530 offers a 512MB RAM, 4GB Internal Storage and 1430 mAh battery, 535 offers a 1GB RAM, 8GB Internal Storage and 1905 mAH battery.

Lumia-535-vs-Lumia-530-620x539Both the devices use Windows Phone 8.1 operating system but the newer version comes with Lumia Denim and the older version comes with Lumia Cyan.

The Microsoft Lumia 535 costs approx INR 8,000 or $130 and Nokia Lumia 530 costs INR 5,625 or $100. The Lumia 535 do offers some better specs but at a higher rate. So, if you can compromise with features, Lumia 530 is good for you, otherwise go for Lumia 535.

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