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Microsoft announces an ergonomic Surface Keyboard with Alcantara palm rest

Microsoft announced some interesting products at the Surface event like the Surface Studio and the Surface Dial – but here’s something a little more normal: Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. The keyboard features an ergonomic design and comes with a unique palm rest built out of Alcantara fabric. The palm rest is the interesting bit – it’s even double …

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5 Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Your Windows PC

When it comes to portable mobile devices, Windows laptops and tablets have been the major choices of consumers in the recent years. Many of these tablets only come with a touch screen and hence typing on these things can become a headache after a while. This is where the Bluetooth …

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Best SSDs of 2016 – Buy Solid State Drives

A Solid-State Drive (SSD) is just like any other normal hard drive – except instead of running on some 50 year old technology with spinning disks and a head that has to physically move to retrieve your data, it is completely silent and has no moving parts. Of course, a …

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