Samsung teases AR sunglasses; will reveal them at MWC 2017

Just as Microsoft delayed the second generation of its mixed reality HoloLens headset, Samsung has come up with something that can compete with it.

Samsung today has teased some of the projects that its C-Lab incubator have been cooking up for the past couple of years. The South Korean giant plans on unveiling them properly at its event during MWC 2017 next week.

One such project is Monitorless. These clunky glasses look like they are from the 80s, but they have something ingenious built into them.

The Augmented Virtual Reality

Samsung has tried to make these things look like sunglasses, and while they are certainly smaller than Microsoft’s HoloLens – they are no sunglasses. Still, they represent Samsung’s first attempt at mixed reality.

These spectacles feature two layers of glasses; one the usual kind, the other are “electrochromic glasses” that can display content. What’s noteworthy is that these glasses can switch from being translucent to opaque; therefore, Monitorless can not just deliver an augmented reality experience, but also a virtual reality one.

Of course, the quality of these experiences remains a mystery as of yet; however, the fact that Microsoft expected no competition to its HoloLens, and Samsung unveiling one just a few days later, is a heck of a coincidence.


Samsung says it created the headsets because there’s a lack of AR and VR content in the market.

“Monitorless addresses the fact that there isn’t enough AR and VR content currently available and also enables users to play high-capacity PC games on a mobile device.”

It’s not a new idea. But, Samsung has managed to fit its unique implementation of it within the confines of sunglasses.

Hopefully, Samsung will reveal more details about this project at MWC 2017. Microsoft’s response will be an interesting one as well, considering the company is confident that its HoloLens will maintain a lead for the next three years.

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