Razer’s new Power Bank can charge laptops and mobiles simultaneously

Batteries often become the bane of our existence. They are, in the end, a controlled chemical reaction. They power our devices for hours, but soon, at the worst of times, they decide to give up.

While researchers are trying to figure out ways to make bigger and better batteries, us mere consumers can only use what is the equivalent of duct tape: an external battery.

The Power Bank

Razer today announced a new Power Bank accessories that can charge laptops and mobiles simultaneously. Razer has designed the Power Bank for use with its Blade Stealth laptops; with the Power Bank, a Blade Stealth owner can get up to 15 hours of combined battery life.

Here’s the fun part: it uses USB Type-C to charge the Blade Stealth. Therefore, thanks to the USB Type-C, it can charge any laptop that supports charging via USB Type-C. The latest MacBook is one of those laptops. Of course, the Razer logo wouldn’t exactly be a fit with a fruit that doesn’t glow anymore, but let’s put that aside.

In addition to the USB Type-C port for laptops, there are two USB Type-A ports for mobile devices. The Razer Power Bank can charge every device connected to it simultaneously. That’s two mobile devices and a laptop.

The battery capacity is 12,800mAh, and it even supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0, giving you faster charging times as long as the mobile device supports it.

For input, the Power Bank can accept power via a USB Type-C port or a microUSB port. However, it doesn’t come with a power adapter to charge it.

Although the Power Bank is compatible with the Blade Stealth’s 45W power adapter; the lack of a power adapter is an oddity that goes beyond our understanding. It’s a power bank – of course, it should include a power adapter to charge it.


Razer wants to sell the device exclusively at its online store. It will be available starting from sometime in March, at the price of $149.

It will be available in only one color – as expected, black. If you do want the power adapter to charge the power bank, the total cost will be about $200.

You can read more about the Power Bank, including its detailed specifications, over here.

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