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Microsoft brings its Surface Keyboard with Alcantara palm rest to the UK

Microsoft announced the Surface Studio last year at its Surface Event. The All-in-One was featured extensively at the event as its main highlight. However, what people might have ignored between all the hype, was the Surface Keyboard.

We covered the keyboard in detail when it was announced, check out our coverage from October for that.

The Keyboard

Although you can read our previous coverage, here’s a summary of what the keyboard is all about.

The keyboard features an ergonomic design that doesn’t make the keyboard unique by itself. The uniqueness lies in the palm rest; made out of the Alcantara fabric, the palm rest is designed with just enough cushioning. The unique design helps the typist stay comfortable even while typing for an extended period.

Alcantara is most commonly found in automobiles – specifically, the seats. It’s presence on a keyboard palm rest, therefore, is quite a surprise.

The Surface Keyboard uses the same key switches as the Surface keyboard covers for the Surface Pro tablets. There is, however, a difference: the travel distance on this keyboard is 2.5mm more than the covers.

The extra travel makes sure that the keystrokes remain silent – especially useful for a home office – and yet feel satisfying for the typist.

Since the keyboard features an arch design, the keys also get larger as they get closer to the arch.


This is the news today: while Microsoft’s initial launch in October was limited to the United States, today it’s coming to the UK.

Available via the online Microsoft Store in the UK, the keyboard costs £119.99. If converted, that’s about $150 at the time of writing. $20 more than the $130 price in the US isn’t too bad, all things considered.

Microsoft’s Surface lineup isn’t just about the Surface Studio or the Surface Dial. It’s also about the more average devices, and this keyboard is a great example of how simple common devices can be improved.

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