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How to Make Windows 8 Run Faster [Best Tips]

You can’t ever have enough of two things in life – first is, as you might’ve expected, Money. And the second is, which you might not have expected, Speed! Whether it’s your favorite vehicle, your latest smartphone or your 10 years old PC, you would definitely like it to be …

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5 Must have Windows 8 Apps for Daily use

Windows 8 is possibly the best version of Windows yet which has tried to imply stress on the touch emphasis to mend the gap between the various ways how people use the computer. Windows 8 is a perfect mixture which can be easily used on the desktop and laptop, like …

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How to Restore, Refresh or Reset windows 8?

Restore Your PC System Restore in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 works just like System Restore used to work in previous versions of Windows. It’s just become better and faster. Windows now takes snapshots of your current running system on a regular basis. It takes snapshots of the program files and …

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How to Turn On Windows Defender In Windows 8

Spywares and viruses are a common problem for Windows OS and its users nowadays. Microsoft had to acknowledge this one day or the another so they launched the Windows Defender which is a security program by Microsoft for Windows which detects and stops the malicious programs that could affect the performance of …

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How to update Windows 8 Automatically

Well if you want to install updates automatically for windows or in-built utilities like windows defender then you need to do some changes in the windows update settings which we will discuss in this article. Now let’s discuss on modifying the update settings in windows 8. You just need to …

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