Best Face Recognition Software to Unlock/ Login Windows 8

Protecting the Windows 8 with a password can become a tad bit boring at times.  Every time you log on to your PC or any other device with a Windows 8 OS, you need to type in your password in order to get access to the same. Monotonous, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be brilliant if some other kind of protection was available for your Windows 8 devices? What if I tell you that you can actually password protect your Windows 8 device with the help of face recognition? Pretty intriguing, right? Yes! It is now possible to lock your Windows 8 device with the help of face recognition with the help of a few software which are easily available online in both paid and free versions depending upon the kind of protection you want.

These software are easy to download and install. This article deals with three of the best face recognition software to unlock Windows 8.

1. KeyLemon

Of all the various kinds of face recognition software to unlock Windows 8 that we have tested, this is by far the best. Developed by the KeyLemon company which is based in Silicon Valley with its headquarters in Switzerland, the software is available for use in both paid as well as the free version. According to the level of protection you desire for your Windows 8 device, you can choose, download and install the software in a pretty simple way.

After installation, all you need to do is get a license and KeyLemon is ready to use. It comes packed with multiple features which allow you to capture your image in various lighting conditions and with the accessory of your choice for the purpose of recognition. It also allows you to capture and save the images of those who try to access your Windows 8 device without your permission. It also aids in locking your device, the moment you step away from it. The software is also available in multilingual packs.


2. Rohos Face Logon

While typing in our password, it may so happen that we don’t take heed of our surroundings and which results in the leakage of our password and unnecessary access to our device by unwanted individuals. But, you don’t have to worry anymore. With Rohos Face Logon you now can stop these trespassers. Once you have downloaded and licensed Rohos, all you need to do is customize it according to your preferences and your device is completely protected.

It allows in super fast and easy access to the computer with the aid of the web cam and also allows the use of the USB as a key which can be used to unlock your Windows 8 device. One of the best features of this software is the fact that it allows registration of multiple users. It also deletes any poor images and storing the best quality ones. Along with negating the face recognition failure, it also allows you to hide the face recognition screen.


3. BananaScreen

Last but not the least; BananaScreen is another face recognition software which is perfect for protecting your Windows 8 device. The most interesting fact about the software is the speed with which it allows the locking and unlocking of the device on which it is installed. Easy to download and install, BananaScreen is super efficient in preventing all the trespassers from coming close to your contents. All you need to do is download, install and plug in your webcam and register the faces which will be granted access to the computer and the software is ready to use.

Although only in its beta version, the software is quite promising and ever developing and we surely hope that once fully launched it will be a surprise to all of us. You can set your preferred configuration in order to customize the software so that it can lock and protect your device when required.


We hope that these software were interesting enough to bring a change to the regular password protected design that you usually use. The face recognition software to unlock Windows 8 are fun to use and at the same time provides ample protection to your device.

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