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Top 5 Best Tools/Software to optimize Windows 10

Using computers or laptops for long duration without formatting creates numerous cache files. Not only that, as time runs, your computer gets over-junked with unnecessary software, files and block the memory space. To run the computer at normal speed, it is necessary to clear those files at a certain interval of …

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Best SSDs of 2016 – Buy Solid State Drives

A Solid-State Drive (SSD) is just like any other normal hard drive – except instead of running on some 50 year old technology with spinning disks and a head that has to physically move to retrieve your data, it is completely silent and has no moving parts. Of course, a …

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Best & Powerful Graphics Cards you can buy in 2016

For PC gamers, there is no other important thing than a graphics card. Yes, of course, everything else matters too, but nothing as much as a graphics card. There are dozens of cards to choose from and the real confusion arises when they all claim to have pixel-pushing perfection. You …

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The Best PC cases for a Gaming Computer

Gaming PCs are much more popular than gaming consoles and they are all the rage in today’s time. Gone are the days when building a powerful PC was a big and difficult task. As the cycle of technological process revolves, the advancements become clear and we all can enjoy the …

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