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Microsoft is bringing WebVR to its Edge browser

WebVR is a framework built by the W3C Consortium that intends to make it easier for developers to develop rich and interactive VR experiences with web technologies – that simply run within the web browser. Today Microsoft has announced that they have started to develop support for WebVR within the …

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How to Fix ‘Err_Connection_Closed’ in Chrome

Chrome is without a doubt the most used Internet browser across the globe. People use it across all platforms be it Windows, Android or even Mac. However, more than often we find ourselves facing some problems with Chrome, particularly with Internet connectivity. Chrome often displays these “Errors” on the screen and …

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Best Web Browsers for Windows 10

The Internet is one of the most widely used technology all over the world these days. It is used by every age group to book tickets, checking locations, gaining knowledge and everything you could think. To use the internet, we use web browsers, and the one we choose has to …

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