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Slack adds direct and group video calling in its latest update

In early November, Microsoft officially announced Microsoft Teams – Microsoft’s attempt at competing with the dominance of Slack. Microsoft Teams was announced at an Office event, but doesn’t share the Office branding; it’s also developed by the Skype team, but doesn’t share Skype’s branding either. Slack didn’t seem too worried …

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Dropbox updates its Windows 10 app, now supports Xbox One

The Universal Windows Platform – or UWP, for short – has turned into Microsoft’s go-to app development framework for everything 1st-party; almost every new application from Microsoft is being built in UWP, while the old ones are being ported. There’s even a UWP file explorer in the works; the confidence …

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Microsoft revamps the Cortana app on Android and iOS

Microsoft has started rolling out a brand new version of the Cortana app for Android and iOS; a complete design overhaul, focusing on making Cortana something a bit more beautiful than its usual self. The new design is very different from the old one; the new design features colors, smooth …

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The challenges of bringing x86 apps to ARM64 processors

Microsoft is trying to emulate x86 applications on the ARM64 processors, which would allow mobile devices like phones and tablets to run desktop applications – something particularly useful to the Continuum feature in Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft has a monumental task at hand – this is a challenge nobody else …

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Hulu now offers 4K streaming for Xbox One S and PS4 Pro

Hulu is now offering select shows and movies from its library in 4K UHD; the streaming service requires a stable 13 megabits per second internet connection, and a display that supports the UHD resolution. There’s one more requirement: Xbox One S, or PlayStation 4 Pro; as for the moment, these …

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