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Zenith and Axiom Verge now available for Xbox One

Two weeks ago the Thomas Happ Games announced that Axiom Verge was finally coming to the Xbox One after its long and dwindling journey across all of the platforms (except Xbox) – and today it is released on the Xbox Store.

Axiom Verge

For Thomas Happ, this is a day he wished to see for a long time. As we mentioned in our post about Axiom Verge 2 weeks ago, it was initially meant to be released on the Xbox 360 – but it didn’t, and instead released on every other platform except the Xbox.

The tale of Axiom Verge is quite amusing, to say the least – but we have already talked enough about it; Axiom Verge is not the only game releasing this week – it is joined by Zenith, developed by Infinigon and published by BadLand Games; Zenith is a comedic action RPG starring Argus the Wizard, who you happen to play as.

An Arcanologyst (still a wizard), Argus knows everything there is to know about ancient artifacts. Lucky for us, stuff happened, and now he’s retired. What stuff happened? What more stuff will happen? Is the stuff even real? The game will tell us when we play it.

With a review of ‘Mostly Positive’ on Steam, this sure looks like a solid title to come for the Xbox One. It’s a new game too – it released on Steam just a few months ago and has already made a few waves.Zenith

Both of the games are now available on the Xbox Store and both come for the same price – 20$. Axiom Verge, however, has a 10% launch discount which makes the game 18$ – this discount will go on until October 11th.

Hopefully, the library of indie games on the Xbox One will keep growing at this pace. AAA titles bring us spectacular visuals, but it’s the indie games that give us incredible experiences.

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