XCOM 2 is now out for the Xbox One

XCOM 2 is a turn-based tactical strategy game by Firaxis – the same folks who built the spectacular Civilization series and are working on a new installment for it.


The game takes places twenty years after the events in ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ – to avoid spoilers in case you haven’t the played the first one, we are refraining from speaking too much about how the story.

Besides the single-player story, the game also features a PvP multiplayer mode – though this is limited to 1 versus 1.

XCOM 2 is not a pretty game by any stretch – it is dark and gritty. Its graphics are not one of its strong suites, but its gameplay is.

The turn-based tactical strategy genre is not very big, especially more so on the consoles – however, the XCOM series has always done its best for the players who love this genre.

Firaxis likes to do crossovers as well – so you might have already seen the XCOM squad in Civilization 5’s Brave New World expansion as the highest-tier infantry unit. 2K publishes both games, so it gets easier to do crossovers.

Firaxis is also working on a new installment for Civilization; Civilization 6, however, is only for the PC – at least for now.

The strategy genre as a whole hasn’t been very popular on consoles; real-time strategy games only works on PCs because of the extensive control requirements. It is, however, nice to see turn-based strategy games make a name for themselves on the consoles. Hopefully, the extra exposure to the console audience will attract more players to the genre.

XCOM 2 came out on PC for Windows, macOS, and Linux back in February this year. The game is out now for the standard 59.99$ price on the Xbox Store.

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