Xbox One and Xbox Beta app on Windows 10 now support Group Messaging

Microsoft has been very busy adding new features to the Xbox platform. Today Microsoft has added Group Messaging to the Xbox beta app for Windows 10 and Xbox One Preview.

Xbox Beta App

Group messaging might sound like an essential feature for a social gaming platform, but the folks at Microsoft considered it pretty trivial. However, this changes now – as Microsoft has finally listened to the community and added group messaging to the Xbox platform.

On the PC, users would need the Xbox Beta app version 22.21.28005.0, which can be found at the Windows Store right now.

On the Xbox, users need to be on the Preview ring. Some users might need to do a hard-reset their console by holding down the power button for five seconds until it turns off, then turn it on again.

With group messaging you can now create a group conversation with multiple friends. If you are in a 1-1 chat, you can just select the “Add more people” option to turn that into a group conversation.

You can also set a topic for the conversation, or mute it to stop receiving notifications from it.

However, all is not well; below is a list of known problems with group messaging at the moment:

  • Your messages will be delivered later to people who don’t have access to Group Messaging (non-Preview users).
  • Some conversations might get marked as unread. You need to manaually mark them as read again to reduce the unread count.
  • You might not get notifications for voice messages and shared feed content messages from other users.

Since the feature is only available for the Xbox Preview ring and the Xbox Beta app; it is evident as beta-testers, users are expected to report any further issues as well.

Just three weeks ago the Xbox App on Windows and Xbox One received the ‘Clubs’ and ‘Looking for Group’ update – and today we get Group Messaging.

The rapid release cycle shows Microsoft’s commitment to making the Xbox experience better not only for Xbox One but also for PC.

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