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Xbox One Wireless Controller is getting two new colors – Red and Green

The Xbox One Controller family is getting new members today as Microsoft introduces two new colors. The new Red and Green controllers may have been optimal for a Christmas release a couple of weeks ago; we can’t deny the new colors look quite cool anyway.

The release of the Xbox One S last year came with an upgrade to the Xbox One controller as well. Since then, all the Xbox One controllers come with the new textured grips and Bluetooth functionality built-in. Note that, while these controllers are fully usable on PCs, the Bluetooth component is exclusive to Windows 10 users.

The Red controller

First, the new Red controller, coming with a two-toned matte finish but with a glossy d-pad, triggers, and bumpers.

Some may remember the Gears of War Limited Edition controller also comes with its own red color scheme, but folks looking for a red controller without blood dirt and scratch marks may choose the new one.

The Green/Orange controller

Just as red, this one also comes in a matte finish except for the glossy d-pad, triggers, and bumpers. The back of the controller sports a darker, almost brown color along with the analog sticks having an orange underside.

The shade looks remarkably close to the Military Green controller that came with the Battlefield 1 Special Edition bundle; we think the orange highlights, however, gives it a Spartan armor look from the Halo series.


Technically, Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab could make similar colored controllers albeit for a higher price than a regular controller would cost.

The Red controller is already up for sale in the Microsoft Store and other retailers for $64.99. The Green controller, however, is only available for Pre-Order right now for $64.99 with a January 24th release date.

As a final point to the PC crowd, Steam’s new beta update introduced support for the Steam Controller Configurator’s use for Xbox controllers, essentially providing controller support for all games on Steam; making this a perfect time to grab an Xbox controller from the range of colors Microsoft is providing.

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