Xbox One and Windows 10 to get city-builder Cities: Skylines in 2017

Paradox Interactive’s highly popular city-building game is now coming to the two main gaming platforms of Microsoft. The brand new Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of Cities: Skylines is aiming for a release in Spring 2017.

The game is shipping with its first expansion from the Steam version – After Dark – for this re-release. The expansion adds extra tourism and leisure specializations, along with many new buildings to make use of to increase revenue.

As for the other expansions – Snowfall and Natural Disasters – they may arrive later down the line for the new versions.

Cities: Skylines

After the controversial launch of EA’s Simcity in 2013, hopeful players turned to Cities: Skylines to get their city-builder fix; the main attraction coming from the large areas of land available to build sprawling cities on.

The game went on to become hugely popular on PC, selling over two million copies within a year of release. As the majority of city-builders are on the PC platform, the game’s Xbox One release is quite an interesting venture.

The city-building genre remains mostly absent in the console space. The complex keyboard and mouse controls and high processing requirements restrict the scope of the genre quite heavily. Nevertheless, Paradox Interactive has implemented full controller support for the new release, but it’s unclear how seamless it will be.

The Mods

The developers also haven’t confirmed if the Windows 10 version has any of the modding tools that the Steam version shipped with. Cities: Skylines is a game that relies on mods to widen its gameplay quite extensively. While developers have tried to bring modding to consoles (see: Bethesda), it remains quite limited in scope. With Microsoft’s restrictions on the UWP apps taken into account, modding on consoles (as well as the Windows 10 version) remains a highly unlikely reality.

Although the game provides many tools for players to build their cities with, they are quite limited and certainly not enough. Since its release, the modding community has implemented many improvements to the asset variety, building mechanics and the transport simulation of Cities: Skylines.

This especially matters to the traffic simulation due to the game’s problematic way of dealing with its numerous traffic jams. Without a solution, you can expect to easily spend hours building transport infrastructure; solving the ever present traffic issues in the cities of your imagination.

Paradox Interactive has not yet revealed any pricing information for the new Windows 10 and Xbox One versions of the game. There is a high chance of Cities: Skylines being an Xbox Play Anywhere title, but there’s no confirmation by Microsoft just yet.

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