Xbox One S: here’s everything you need to know

Xbox has been one of the most sold and profitable products that Microsoft sells. It is a gaming console that allows casual gamers to play various types of games. Starting from first person shooters to unique indie titles, you can choose an Xbox title and start playing a game on it.

Not only that, but an Xbox can be used as a set-top box for your TV as well and you can use it for entertainment purposes. You can watch Netflix or you can watch different things, or you can just play games. It is entirely up to you.

The last version of Xbox i.e. Xbox One was received with less enthusiasm not only because of the price but also because of many factors like not being able to share games, requiring an always on internet connection and what not. But Microsoft went into damage control mode right after the launch and did their wrongs right, and Xbox One became one great buy for people.

But the console was launched in 2013 and things have changed a lot since then. Microsoft needed to release a newer and more powerful version of the Xbox and hence the Xbox One S was launched at E3 this year.

Even though the console was leaked but that doesn’t mean it did anything bad. This is a post in which I will mention about everything that’s new in the Xbox One S and how it compares to the new console from Sony i.e. Playstation Neo.

New Design + More Power

The original Xbox One wasn’t the best looking console and Microsoft knows it. Not only was it a big console, but the design had nothing special too. The new Xbox One S sheds most of the mass that Xbox One had and it is 40% smaller in terms of size as compared to Xbox One.


The best thing about the new design is that you no longer need an external power brick with Xbox One S. The power unit is built right into the main unit which means having less bulk and cables to manage. The design again is minimal, and the white color suits the console very well.

When it comes to the game controller, the design hasn’t changed much but yes the white color does suit the controller very well. You get more durable analog controllers, an IR blaster along with a new texture on the controller.

Also, unlike the Xbox One, you can mount the Xbox One S vertically using a stand that you get free when you buy the 2TB version of the console. You can also choose to pay an extra $20 for the stand and you can get it separately.

Xbox One S > Xbox One. But why?

Xbox One S is NOT a new generation console as per Microsoft and we can totally understand why Microsoft is clearing this out. But there are a few things that The Xbox One S does better than its older relative. First of all, you can get the console in storage option up to 2TB whereas the Xbox One ends at 1TB.

You have to pay $299 for a 500GB model. The 1TB model costs $349 and the 2TB model costs $399 which is a great price. But above all that, Xbox One S has major functionality upgrades like being able to play 4K Ultra HD videos and it will be able to play HDR or High Dynamic Range videos as well.

If you have a TV that supports HDR10 then your Xbox One S will be able to take full advantage of it and can produce great looking visuals using Dolby Vision.

You can also play Xbox 360 and Xbox One games on this bad boy which mean you will not be missing out on playing on any of those old titles that you love.

The Microsoft Play Anywhere scheme means if you buy a Microsoft exclusive game, you would be able to play it anywhere including on your Xbox One, Xbox One S and even a Windows 10 PC. 

But there are a few things that you don’t get out of the box with Xbox One S and one of them is not supporting Kinect out of the box. This is bad news for people who like playing Kinect games, but you can use your Kinect with your Xbox One S by using a different adapter that Microsoft sells.

Hence, Xbox One S is a decent update to the good old Xbox One which is still an excellent console, but the Xbox One S is a better option if you are looking for a new console to buy.

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