Xbox One outsold PS4 for the 3rd time in September

Sony might have announced the PS4 Pro for a November 11th launch – that isn’t stopping people from jumping onto the Xbox ecosystem.


With the Xbox One S’s release at E3 this year, Microsoft offered an iteration of the original Xbox One that was slimmer, better, with a few new features and less of the bloaty-ness that plagued with original Xbox One (mostly due to Kinect).

Although the Xbox One hasn’t been very successful in Sony’s home Japan, Microsoft has managed to make it a success in its home. According to the NPD Group – a firm that tracks industry-wide metrics – September was the third month, Xbox One beat all of its competition and shipped the most number of units in a month in the United States of America.

Xbox One also outsold every other console in July and August – it is hard to believe that this winning streak started after the launch of Xbox One S by coincidence; clearly, people prefer the new iteration.

PlayStation 4 was the 2nd highest-selling console, with Wii U at the 3rd place.

Meanwhile, the folks across the pond in the UK are also liking the new Xbox – it was the best-selling console for the month of September, according to GFK Entertainment.

Although Sony debuted a slimmer version of PS4 on September 15th as well – it hasn’t been able to grasp the market as well as the Xbox One S, perhaps because PlayStation players are saving up for the upcoming PS4 Pro launch on November 11th, and the PSVR headset.

Microsoft is yet to announce a release date for Project Scorpio – a hardware revision for Xbox One, that isn’t quite a new generation of consoles but a half-step. Perhaps we will have some more details about it at the October 26th event.

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