Xbox One is getting Blu-ray write and re-write support via a software update

The latest generation of consoles are much more than simply a gaming console – in fact, Microsoft advertised the Xbox One as an entertainment hub for everything. The PS4 and Xbox One, both come with Blu-ray players, but one can do more than the other.

Mike Ybarra from the Xbox and Windows Platform team at Microsoft announced the upcoming app update on Twitter.

Microsoft missed the Blu-ray train once with the Xbox 360 – the PS3 came with a Blu-ray player and sold units because it was one of the best and cheapest Blu-ray players you could buy at the time.

Microsoft made sure to rectify this problem with the Xbox One, and the new update should only make the Xbox platform even more attractive to Blu-ray enthusiasts; Xbox One S already supports 4K UHD Blu-ray media, with this update Microsoft is simply filling in the gaps.

Oddly enough, Sony has slacked off this time – the PS4 Pro does not come with a 4K UHD Blu-ray player, unlike the Xbox One S.


Blu-ray recorders and players have been falling in price in recent times – as expected – but an entertainment console with an excellent Blu-ray player can be much more than just a Blu-ray player.

The update enabling BD-R and BD-RE support is currently rolling out to Xbox One S as well as Xbox One – both consoles are getting the update, which is great. You also don’t need to be on the Preview channel – this update is rolling out to every Xbox One; you can choose to manually force the update as well if you can’t wait for the rollout.

Isn’t it great when your existing hardware gets new features with a software update? Makes you wonder why it wasn’t enabled for all these years in the first place.

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