Xbox One gets improved game download speed with its latest update

The Xbox Insiders are a lucky bunch – not only they get to test the latest and greatest of whatever the Xbox team churns in their labs, but they also get some (very) decent performance upgrades, albeit with a few occasional bugs.

Today’s update brings many improvements that have been with the Xbox Insiders for quite a while, but since this update is rolling out to every Xbox One and Xbox One S device out there – these improvements are now available to everyone.

The Internet

The Internet works in mysterious ways – some say it’s a series of tubes, while others claim it is only a black box; one thing is certain, no magic can increase your internet speed by a simple software update.

Then, how is this patch claiming to improve game download speed? With a software update. Apparently, Microsoft had enough bottlenecks and issues on the software side, that today’s update is able to increase game download performance by up to 80% for those with a 100 Mbps or higher internet connection.

Not only that; for those who have less than a 100 Mbps internet connection – the majority – the download experience should be more consistent and up to 40% faster than before.

These download performance improvements not only apply to games on Xbox One – they apply to every download, including apps.

Additionally, background downloads will now face fewer disconnection issues and should be more stable as well.

The Rest

Along with the download performance improvements, this update also brings a new firmware update for the Xbox One Controller; Microsoft says the new firmware delivers “improved performance” – quite vague.

Streaming music has also received a few stability improvements, and background music playback should suffer fewer interruptions.


The patch is now rolling out to every single Xbox One device in the world – the version is bumped to 10.0.14393.2152, and your console should update to the latest version by itself.

If you want to reduce your waiting time and would like to try to update now – follow these steps:

  • Press the Xbox logo on your controller twice to open the Guide.
  • Use the left joystick on your controller and move the cursor to the settings icon at the bottom.
  • Browse to All Settings > System > Console Info & Updates and press the Update Available button.

Note that the ‘Update Available’ button will only be highlighted if the download is ready – this won’t get you ahead in the roll-out chain, but just force your console to check and download the update.


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