Xbox One ‘FREEdom’ rewards campaign comes with prizes for F2P games

Microsoft is looking to promote some Free-to-Play games on Xbox One with their newest Xbox Live Rewards program. Doing various tasks in select F2P titles can net gamers in-game rewards along with some real world prizes this time.

The Xbox Live Rewards program allows gamers to earn Microsoft Points for completing “missions” given by Microsoft. These promotions run all year long involving many games and missions that players can take part in. The given missions range from tasks such as completing surveys to pre-ordering upcoming games in exchange for Microsoft Points for use in the Xbox Store, essentially getting a discount for the games.

FREEdom Rewards

Starting off, the biggest rewards in the new lineup of tasks comes from playing the Free-to-Play sandbox MMO game – Roblox. For every 30 minutes of play time, players get an entry into winning a Samsung Ultra HD 4K TV along with other prizes such as a wireless gaming chair, a gaming headset, and 400 Robux for use in-game. As each player only gets four entries per week, there are no worries of idlers getting more entries than others.

Next, players referring their friends to a selection of MMO titles are getting boosters and in-game rewards for both parties. Namely, the participating games are Neverwinter, World of Tanks, Star Trek Online, and DC Universe Online.

All the Warframe fans are getting their own mission this time, rewarding $5 worth of in-game Platinum to spend. All that players must do to earn the reward is complete any five of the sixty-eight achievements present in Warframe. As completing all achievements of Warframe is possible without spending money on it, this is an easy task to complete.

Other rewards and availability

Although missions for those specific games look great, Microsoft has goals and rewards for other Free-to-Play titles as well. Players earn Reward Credits when spending real money on any optional purchases of Free-to-Play games available on the Xbox One. After collecting enough Rewards Credits, they automatically convert into Microsoft Credit for use in the Windows Store.

While the completion of the tasks for the specific Free-to-Play games has to happen before February 28th, the tasks that apply to all games looks like they will be repeating each month, giving players plenty of chances to grab some easy Microsoft Points for their wallet.

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