Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program adds Alice: Madness Returns

The psychological horror platformer Alice: Madness Returns is now playable on the Xbox One natively, made possible thanks to Microsoft’s Backwards Compatibility Program for their console.

Alice: Madness Returns is joining the 13 games Microsoft has released so far this month in the Backwards Compatibility Program. Adding a wide variety of classic games from their previous console continues to bolster the library of the Xbox One; making it the only current generation console that can natively run the games of the previous generation.

Alice: Madness Returns

Releasing in 2011 as a sequel to the previous game – American McGee’s Alice, the series is essentially a dark and twisted rendition that takes place after the age-old Alice in Wonderland tale of Lewis Carroll.

The story follows Alice, a girl with mental trauma caused by the death of her parents in a fire. Set after the events of the first game, Alice is now in an orphanage for the mentally ill. Consequently, in her absence, a new evil has come up in Wonderland that she must confront to save her mind.

While Alice traverses the corrupt and distorted Wonderland, there are plenty of enemies that come straight from the original story. Many mundane objects becoming deadly weapons for Alice, such as pepper grinder machine guns to an explosive firing teapot cannon.

Additionally, the iconic story element of shrinking and growing Alice by using consumables is also present in the game; players getting to use them for advancing through the weirdness of Wonderland and for finding hidden collectibles while playing.


As with all Backwards Compatible games, Xbox One owners can now buy Alice: Madness Returns straight through the Xbox Store. Previous owners of the digital version will also have the game available on their Xbox One’s ‘ready to download’ area.

Lastly, anyone who still owns the Xbox 360’s physical disk version of Alice: Madness Returns can just pop it inside their Xbox One to have the console download and have it ready for exploring the extent of Alice’s madness in no time.

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