Xbox One Backwards Compatibility adds 7 more games to its catalog

Microsoft is starting off 2017 strong, adding seven games from the Xbox 360 library to the Xbox One. The newly compatible games include popular EA games, the 2009 Ghostbusters game, and three XBLA titles.

The Backwards Compatibility Program is a system that allows Xbox One users to play games from the older console natively, something only Microsoft’s Xbox One is capable of doing; Sony having to build a cloud-streaming service for the PlayStation 3 games to be playable on PlayStation 4.

The amount of games in the program has been increasing quite rapidly, with the list surpassing 300 games last month. Today, seven new games debut in that list; let’s go on ahead and give each of the seven games a closer look.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Although Battlefield: Bad Company titles are like smaller spin-offs from DICE’s main Battlefield series than full entries; the game introduced many players to Battlefield with its exceptional multiplayer battles that happen in completely destructible environments.

The singleplayer campaign also deserves a special mention for its story following a band of rejects saving the world. Following the same squad from the first Bad Company, the humorous and light-hearted dialog making it a quite enjoyable experience.

Battlefield 3

After Bad Company 2’s release in 2010, DICE’s focus went back to producing a proper sequel to Battlefield 2. Bringing their new Frostbite engine and its features like destruction over from Bad Company, Battlefield 3 came out in 2011.

Although the singleplayer had a forgettable but action packed and explosion-heavy story, the multiplayer side was exceptional as always. Even with the 24 player limit on consoles compared to PC’s 64, the large scale battles were better than ever.

Dragon Age: Origins

Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins takes place in a fantasy world where the long existing order of Grey Wardens protects the world from the demon-like Darkspawn. The player is the newest addition to the order that ultimately has to warn the world of a coming invasion.

In true Bioware fashion the main character’s race, gender, and playstyles are completely up to the player to choose from. Releasing in 2009 and receiving almost universal acclaim, most fans call it the best Dragon Age game to come out.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

This 2009 Ghostbusters game is often called a sequel to the original movies thanks to its cast. The game including the original actors voicing their characters and a whole new storyline that takes place after the movies.

The player is a recruit that joins the Ghostbusters to help them capture ghosts in New York City. Moreover, in fact, giving us access to the Proton Pack energy weapon from the movies for fighting the ghosts.

A must-play for any Ghostbusters fans who are still sour after last year’s disaster of a movie tie-in game.

The XBLA games

Three new XBLA titles are coming to the Xbox One.

First of all, the top-down vehicular combat game Scrap Metal by Slick Entertainment. The game lets Players customize their cars with weapons such as RPGs and flamethrowers and race against other players. As these races contain almost no rules to speak of, players are free to destroy each other in many creative ways.

Next, we have The Splatters from SpikySnail Games, a physics based puzzle game involving bombs and slimy goo. The goal being to launch the goo in various angles to spray and clear bombs on each level to advance.

And the last game on the list is the top-down action game – Strania from the Japanese developer G.rev. Inspired by the 80s shoot ’em up style arcade games, Strania comes with a quite retro soundtrack fitting its theme.


Inserting the Xbox 360 disk of these games into the Xbox One lets owners easily download and play them whenever. However, for Digital owners, the Xbox One’s Ready to Install section should have the games waiting for them there.

All these backward compatible games are also available for purchase now through the Xbox store for the Xbox One Console. As a final point, since these games generally get smoother frame rates when playing on the Xbox One, this is a great time to replay the graphics intensive Battlefield games without any frame drops.

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