Xbox One and Windows 10 to get native game-broadcasting to Beam

The Microsoft Surface event was all about creators – one category that could have been ignored is gaming, despite its rich creative roots; Microsoft, however, owns the Xbox brand, so ignoring the gamers is not something Microsoft would do.

The upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 and Xbox One will natively support live-broadcasting games over the internet – these streamers are also, after all, creators of entertainment.

One tiny caveat: Microsoft isn’t going to integrate this native streaming with Twitch or YouTube Gaming; rather, Microsoft has only announced support for a lesser-known competitor – Beam.

Microsoft purchased Beam back in August this year, and now that investment seems to be coming to fruition.

Beam streaming

It’s not perfect

It makes sense for Microsoft to focus on its own game-streaming service – the idea probably came from the business folks at Microsoft who would rather not depend on two of Microsoft’s biggest competitors: Amazon, and Google.

It also makes the task harder for Microsoft – if the native game-broadcaster supported service like Twitch or YouTube Gaming, it would be just a neat tool built into Windows allowing gamers to stream whatever, wherever, whenever with a keyboard shortcut.

Instead, Microsoft is now demanding commitment from gamers; stop using your favorite already-established service with a huge community built on top of dank memes and port over to Beam – a service by Microsoft that not many have heard of.

It’s a tough sell, especially for gamers – it’s a stubborn crowd only looking for the best.

Beaming in

The integration is planned for the upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 and Xbox One – there’s no date for when we might see it, except the early 2017 timeline.

It’s also not clear whether the game-broadcasting would work for every PC game title, or just the ones available via the Windows Store. The current Xbox Game DVR (WinKey + G) built into Windows 10 supports everything – even recording the desktop – so if it’s anything like that, it’s going to work with everything.

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