Xbox Holiday Update rolling out to Xbox One, Windows 10, and mobile devices

Microsoft has been working on the Holiday update for Xbox One for the past few months – it is now time, to release it for the masses. The update comes with a ton of brand-new features – some of which, we have covered previously, thanks to the Xbox Preview Program.

Xbox One isn’t the only one getting this update, though – the Xbox app on Windows 10, Android and iOS are getting updates with the same features as well, which is great for the overall Xbox ecosystem.

Major Nelson and the Xbox team also made a video walkthrough showcasing everything that’s new to the Xbox One and the Windows 10 app; you can watch that below.

The Xbox Preview Program – now known as the Xbox Insider Program – showed us many of these features, and gave us a chance to try them out before they rolled out to everyone. Features such as Looking for Group, Clubs, Achievement Rarity, Group Messaging, etc. don’t sound like much by themselves; but when combined, this becomes a massive update.

The Xbox app is pre-installed on Windows 10, but in case you uninstalled it – here’s the link to that. The Xbox app for Android is available on the Play Store, along with a beta app as well. The iOS app can be found on the App Store as well.

Interestingly, features such as Clubs and Looking for Group will also work on PC for PC games – including games purchased outside of the Windows Store. If the Xbox app detects a game, it automatically creates a hub for it, and PC gamers can use the features.

It’s incredible how intertwined the Xbox ecosystem is becoming between the console and PC; the Xbox is no longer just a console, but a complete ecosystem spanning across platforms. In theory, your PC is also an Xbox – the only trouble now is getting people to use it.

You can read more about the update at Xbox’s official blog.

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