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Xbox Copilot will make Xbox One more accessible; coming with Creators Update

The Xbox One just became a little more accessible for everyone; the first-ever Xbox Insider build has arrived, and it brings an incredible accessibility feature: Copilot.

Two is One

The Copilot feature is an interesting one; it allows the gamer to take two physical controllers, and combine them to appear as a single logical controller.

Scott Henson from the Xbox Engineering team puts the use case as simply as possible; this simple feature would allow players to control “their gameplay with a [different] hand or maybe their chin or foot.”

That might sound amusing, but it is an incredible feature for people with disabilities; multiple controllers acting as one would allow these players to control games with custom contraptions that make their lives easier.

It’s unclear whether this feature will work with custom Xbox controllers – if it does, then the possibilities might simply be endless.

Additionally, Henson says that this feature could also be used by gamers who need a little help on a certain level or match while playing; though, being bad at a game isn’t a handicap.

It just works

The best thing about this feature – as Major Nelson points out – is that it’s built into the Xbox; all games on Xbox support Copilot by default, as they don’t see this multiple-controller set up any differently.

The feature works seamlessly across all of Xbox, including in any and every Xbox game.

Additionally, the Xbox Insider build also comes with a few minor improvements for Narrator and Magnifier. There are also a few additional options for audio output settings and custom rumble settings for the Xbox controller.


The Copilot feature and everything else accompanying it is available for select Xbox Insiders with the latest Insider update. If you are in the Xbox Insider program but don’t receive the update today, take a deep breath and be patient for the roll out.

If you are a gamer who would rather wait for the features to be complete; these features are expected to arrive for the Xbox One with the upcoming Creators Update in April.

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