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The Witness is available now for Xbox One

The Witness is a game developed by a very small indie studio you have most likely never heard of – Thekla Inc. It came out for PC and PlayStation 4 back in January, and now it is out on the Xbox One.

The Witness

The Witness is a simple game: a mystery puzzle game that pushes you to find answers. It puts you on a mysterious abandoned island – you don’t remember how you got there, or even who you are. You then have to explore the island and solve puzzles to get your answers.

Obviously, the nature of this game means it can be easily spoiled – so even the developers recommend not watching any videos or walkthroughs of it.

It took more than 6 months to get the game ported over to the Xbox One. In an interview with IGN back in August, Jonathan Blow – one of the leads at Thekla Inc. – said: “there are some technical differences, but it’s basically the same game.” While it might not sound significant at first – this is a good thing, as it removes any doubts of potential exclusive content for the Xbox One.

The versions are bound to have a technical difference – because the platforms are technically different and cannot output the same graphical fidelity at the solid 60 FPS this game runs at.

The game is a mere 4.23 GB – which is quite low, considering how big games are these days – and is available on the Xbox Store now at the price of 40$ or your regional equivalent.

Thekla Inc. is also working on an iOS version that doesn’t quite have a release date yet. However, it is confirmed that it will also have the same content as the PC, PS4, and Xbox versions – just with a lower graphical fidelity.


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