Winter Wonderland arrives to ARK: Survival Evolved along with patch 253

It seems Christmas is coming to dinosaurs and humans alike in the new ARK: Survival Evolved update, but it means hunting those poor dinosaurs for loot.

Although the Winter Wonderland update is coming to all platforms, the contents of it are a bit different for each one.

Winter Wonderland update

First up, all the console players can get special themed items by killing specific animals in the game. A level 100 Stag will drop a reindeer skin, while you can get Santa Dino Hats from Yetis and Santa Player Hats from Penguins.

Also, for all the Xbox One players there are some exclusive items to hunt for. Celebrating the release of the game’s release on Xbox One a year before; a number of dinosaurs will drop birthday themed items when killed.

Additionally, on the PC, Raptor Claus will be dropping presents and coal all over the map while flying around in his sleigh. That coal is not useless, however, as summoning the new DodoRex requires collecting a bunch of them.

PC Update 253

Studio Wildcard is pushing a new patch to the PC version of the game, bringing its version up to 253.0. The patch adds a score of new dinosaurs, locations, and items for everybody to test out.

Up first are the new underwater caves with challenges and artifacts for players to explore. Be careful, However, as these caves host some new dangers such as a giant squid and an equally big glowing jellyfish.

Next are some regular land dinosaurs that thankfully prefer eating plants than meat. These include the Therizinosaurus Multiensis, meant for harvesting plants and the small but cunning Troodon that players can gain the loyalty of.

Lastly, as no holiday is complete without some pictures for memories; Studio Wildcard has added a craftable camera to the game for saving all those memories of getting chased by dinosaurs.


The new Winter Wonderland update is now available for free on all platforms to download and enjoy. The new 253.0 patch, however, is currently released only for PC, with console release date to be announced.

ARK: Survival Evolved is 60% off on the Steam Winter Sale for players looking to play this dinosaur based experience. The game is also available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms.

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