Windows Software Repair Tool – Fix Windows 10 problems

Sometimes it is very tough to escape from problems and issues in Windows, especially in Windows 10. Microsoft is already aware of the common issues being faced by the users and by keeping this thing in mind they have provided users a tool named as “Software Repair Tool”. This tool can find the problem related to the system components, Windows updates and other features. After identifying the problem it has the capability to fix those issues.

System Repair Tool for Windows 10

Using this amazing tool anyone can fix the various problems on the Windows 10 which are:

  • Repair system component and detect corrupt files
  • Repair system corruption
  • Fix Windows updates issues (if possible)

How to Use System Repair Tool for Windows 10

Here is how you can use this tool to fix all the issues in windows 10.

1. Download the Software Repair Tool from Microsoft page

2. Double Click to Run the tool. When UAC screen appears click Yes to Continue using the tool.

system repair tool

3. A pop-up will appear and ask you to “Enable System Restore

enable system repair

This will happen only if you have disabled System Restore feature in Windows 10.

You will see two options, if you want to enable the System Restore feature, then click on “Yes enable System Restore” if not, then click on “No, Continue without it.

4. After that, this tool will help you by finding and fixing potential software issues.

The tool will perform the following steps:

1. Repair system component and detect corrupt files

  • Create System Restore Point
  • Resync System Date and Time
  • Reset System Settings
  • Reinstall System Settings

repair system component and detect corrupt files

2. Repair system corruption (this may take some time)

  • Restore Component Store Health
  • Restore System Health
  • Repair System Corruption
  • System Restart

repair system corruption

Here you need to Restart your computer to continue the steps. After restart, the tool will automatically open with a note i.e.

I confirm that my current date and time is: (date and time of using the time).

You need to check this option and click on “Install Update” button to continue using the tool.

install windows update

3. Windows Update

It will take few minutes depending on the size of the update. Make sure, you must have an active internet connection when you reach this point.

Once done, it will ask you to reboot again.

That’s it!.

Even there are lots of steps which was not mentioned on the start page of this tool. But Ramesh on the Winhelponline has investigated what this tool does when it run

These are those hidden steps:

  • Reset Winsock, proxy settings and firewall settings.
  • Reinstall all built-in app packages using PowerShell.
  • Reset WSUS cookie/authorization.
  • Reset Windows Store using wsreset.exe.
  • Runs Windows Update / Automatic App Update scheduled task.
  • Register several dll files.
  • Component cleanup using DISM.
  • Repairs Windows image using PowerShell/DISM.
  • Restores default power scheme.

Note: If you have made any changes in system settings, then you need to make those changes again after running this tool.

After investigating about this tool we came to know that this repair tool fixes issue by resetting and restoring the system. Lots of users will definitely love to use this tool because of its simplicity and one-click mechanism.

This tool was basically released for Microsoft Surface device users, but this tool can still be used for Windows 10 PC.

Let us know, if you find this article and System Repair tool helpful 😀

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