Windows Mobile market share shrinks further in November

Not that this is a surprise, but Windows Mobile isn’t in a very good shape – and it’s not getting better; the Windows Phone platform was clinging on to about 1.95% of the total market share, and now it has fallen further.

According to NetMarketShare, Windows Phone now only shares 1.75% of the total market – a drop of 0.2%. It’s not a lot if you are comparing it with the whole market, but it is still a big slice of the Windows Phone market share.

Windows Phone market share November 2016

The decline of Windows Phone isn’t anything new – it has been on a downwards trend for a long time – but the recent comments from Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella have been encouraging, to say the least.

There have also been several rumors in the recent times about a Surface Phone; the Surface brand has managed to innovate where many have stagnated, so a mobile device from the Surface devices group could indeed be ‘ultimate.’

Microsoft also plans on emulating x86 apps on the ARM processor in a phone, to bring desktop applications to Continuum; an ambitious goal, to say the least – but the point is that Microsoft hasn’t completely given up on the platform.

There have been constant updates to Windows 10 Mobile Insider channels as well, though not with many new features.

Android’s dominance

It’s worth noting that while Windows Phone lost its market share, iOS did so as well – Android is the only mobile operating system out of the big three, that gained market share in November.

These are the last days for Windows Mobile – Microsoft needs to save the platform before the market share falls enough to be merged with the “Others” on the list. If Microsoft is indeed working on the ‘ultimate mobile device,’ it needs to work with feverish haste.

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