Windows Insiders on the Slow Ring for PC receive the first update of 2017

While Microsoft has released over a dozen builds for Fast Ring Windows Insiders on PC, the Slow Ring Windows Insiders haven’t had much to do. The last release for Windows Insiders on the Slow Ring for PC was Build 14986 in December before Microsoft went on its hiatus.

Since then, we have seen the inclusion of several new features like Game Mode, Compact Overlay, a new installation and upgrade process powered by Cortana, and much more. The Insiders team also conducted a massive Bug Bash with the Fast Ring Insiders.

Creators Update

The Creators Update is close, and Microsoft is preparing for a stable release sometime in April. Time is of the essence, so the priority is on fixing bugs and issues rather than adding new features.

Fast Ring builds released over the past few weeks reflect that priority. The changelog has consisted of a long list of bug fixes, rather than new features.

But, the Insiders on Slow Ring test these somewhat-stable releases and report any issues that they still may find.

Today, Microsoft pushed Build 15048 to the Windows Insiders on Slow Ring for PC. There will probably be one more build release for the Slow Ring before the launch of Creators Update, but the work is almost done.

Redstone 3

Microsoft has started working on the Redstone 3 update, at least internally.

Redstone 3 will feature some crucial features like the Project NEON design language and the x86 emulation for ARM processors.

The Insider team will probably start releasing Redstone 3 builds soon after the launch of Creators Update in late April or early May.

Redstone 3 may release sometime later this year if there are no delays.


Build 15048 for Windows Insiders on the Slow Ring for PC should be available like every other Windows Upgrade before it. However, this build comes with some issues.

Some users may encounter an issue where the upgrade process gets stuck at 71% and then reverts to the old build as it fails to install Build 15048. There’s a solution for this issue, check this forum post for more details.

In addition to that, if the user has anti-virus software by Symantec/Norton, the upgrade process might fail with a 0x80070228 error code. Again, there’s a solution for that, check this forum post for more information.

Also, if the user has any additional language packs installed, the upgrade will fail. There’s a solution for that too, available here.

You can read more about Build 15048 over here, though Microsoft hasn’t yet provided a complete change log for everything that is new between Build 14986 and Build 15048.

The journey to Creators Update is almost over, and while it doesn’t bring everything that it promises, it brings plenty new.

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